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Cell phone store software can also be powerful cellular digital signage

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Cell phone store software can also be powerful cellular digital signage. Is it the best alternative to electronic shelf labels?


Cell phone store software can also be powerful cellular digital signage. Let's look at how it can be used as a powerful custom retail mode to enhance your Telco in-store experience, and how it can be used to increase sales, boost profits and increase employee productivity on high value tasks.


Why is cellular digital signage important for cell phone retail software?


Digital signage is an incredibly versatile tool that can be used to promote your store, products and services in a variety of ways. Many companies have chosen to implement electronic shelf labels (ESLs) to manage prices and implement dynamic pricing strategies. Here are just a few examples of how digital signage cell phone store software like SmartCircle™ can increase sales and customer experience (CX) with an advantage over electronic shelf labels:


  • Display interactive CTAs to promote sell-through of new devices and plans
  • To highlight special offers or promotions
  • To advertise popular features and informational videos, which are usually costly and time-consuming for staff to understand and communicate accurately consistently
  • To advertise a high margin white-label accessories with interactive media
  • To highlight ancillary Telco store products and services i.e. cellular accessories or cell phone repair




According to research done by PwC, 73% of customers agree that customer experience helps to drive their buying decision while 85% of customers say that they are even ready to pay more if their CX needs are met According to Gartner Inc., roughly two-thirds of companies today compete based on the CX, and every business is looking for a way to make their CX stand out more than their competitors. 


You're still here, which means you're likely a savvy business owner that knows digital transformation goes beyond replacing paper price tags and cool signage. Cell phone accessories, extended warranties and loyalty programs are great ways to get customers to buy more than just a phone. So if you are selling cell phones, here's some advice: display the value proposition along the customer journey with SmartCircle™!


You can use cellular digital signage in a variety of ways in-store, empowers displays like televisions and tablets to increase sell through and average transaction value. This helps increase sales of chargers, and warranties without having costly printed ads in-store. Why use dated, non-carbon-neutral items cluttering your shelves or counters, where they get lost anyways? With SmartCircle™ cell phone store SaaS software everything is displayed, and organized in an easy-to-see way for customers who may be looking for additional warranty protection, protective cases and chargers for their new phones!


"Cell phone store software can also be powerful cellular digital signage" 




If you're looking for interactive, insightful and visually engaging digital signage in your cell phone retail store, look no further than SmartCircle™ phone store software. Cell Phone stores across the world have been using SmartCircle™ cell phone store software to increase the capabilities and insights of existing hardware displays for years to enhance, modernize and refine hundreds of in-store customer experiences (CX). 


Data is critical to optimizing your in-store CX, especially since a PWC survey reported in Forbes found, 54% of consumers state that they aren't satisfied with the customer experience of most companies, SmartCircle™ provides insights you can make data backed decisions with. 



 What's more, cellphone store owners and managers can use this carbon-neutral powerful SAAS toolkit, packed with features and functions to display digital price tags, a versatile alternative to electronic shelf labels. It's scalable, provides visibility and control of in-store communications to remote stakeholders. Easily update pricing across a global network of stores, in various currencies at the click of a button  In fact, using a robust system like this will allow them to take advantage of the following:


  • Easily setup and manage your content library (which includes text messages, product information and videos)
  • Keep an eye on the performance of each message over time so that when it's time for new promotions or deals, you know what works best with your audience


Watch this video to see how the easy to use, powerful, SmartCircle™ cell phone store software works:


Cell phone store software needs to integrate with existing systems like POS and inventory management to enable powerful synergies.

learn about how SmartCircle™ does it 


To the front end user it acts as a custom retail mode that delivers in-sync videos and images turning existing displays into powerful cellular digital signage. It is important for any business to have a modern and professional look. The information displayed on the screen should be easy to read and understand so that customers will have a great in-store customer experience, trust your products, and most importantly grow loyalty. Digital signage can also be used for promotions or ads about special offers in stores, helping to highlight loyalty programs. 


Ready to close the circle? 


Increase your store efficiency today, book a demo to see how easy it is to be powerful with SmartCircle™





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