SensorMedia prides itself on offering its customers the opportunity to evolve, digitally. Through both its SmartCircle™ technology and its service, the key touchpoints of a digital transformation for your business is covered.

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Price and Promotion Engine Integration

Update price tags, plans and promotions in minutes and with accuracy. As experts in planogram and pricing compliance, we understand the array of challenges compliance presents to your business everyday. By connecting your price and promotions system with our platform we simplify this process and overcome these obstacles.

Instagram Stories Integration

Share your instagram stories from your company profile live with customers in store! This feature allows you to target social media content related to sales and other promotions to the store level.

Inventory Integration – Omnichannel

Our system allows you to understand the devices available in each store so you can target promotions, direct shipments and ensure your customers are always satisfied.

POS Integration – Increase Sales

Connected with your POS system SmartCircle™ will help you to ensure and increase your sales. Automatic messages based on business goals.

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