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Do you understand your Customer's Journey?

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Customer “A” walks through your store doors walking the aisles skimming your product lines and promotions. How did he/she arrive? How can you convert the customer and encourage him/her to spend their hard-earned-dollars on your products or services? Most importantly, once the sale is secured, what can you do to ensure this customer recommends you to their friends and family? All these questions can be answered by understanding your customer’s journey i.e. their experience with your brand from start to finish. Unfortunately, far too often a crucial error is made during the customer journey.

The mis-step occurs by allowing the customer journey to end with the sale. The follow-through and follow-up is just as valuable and is the key to unlocking future sales and growth from one customer’s experience to the next. Where can you start?

Understanding the customer journey is the best way to uncover opportunities for your business, as it will show you where there might be gaps with your customer touchpoints. Here is a breakdown of how your customers find you in the hope of becoming YOUR customers:

informative chart displaying a cell phone consumer customer journey on and offline

Digital content makes up 81% of what customers will see while they are researching, however only accounts for 20% of sales. This is especially true for wireless retailers. Smartphones and other higher ticket items such as tablets, wearable devices, etc. remain to be products customers want to try and touch. This is the number-one reason US consumers shop at bricks-and mortar stores across all generations.

SmartCircle by SensorMedia manages many common pain points for wireless retailers to ensure your customer’s have the best possible experience from A-Z.


✔ Planogram compliance ensures that all your stores have consistent device availability so that if a customer walks into one of your locations to source a product, the same product is available at another location.

✔ Price compliance ensures accuracy and consistency across all stores. This prevents a customer from seeing a price in one location and a different price in another location.

✔ Media compliance ensures that any screens within stores are playing the same media and message in order to avoid confusion and ensure accuracy of key messages and information as it pertains to promotions.


Engages & Excites

✔ Attract new customers by enticing them with devices that are playing promotions and.or other media simultaneously.

✔ Engage with customers by providing interactive digital experiences in store.

✔ SmartCircle helps wireless retailers create exciting retail landscapes for customers by utilizing smartphones and other screens to interact with each other in store.


✔ Software that connects to all your pricing information in real time, ensuring accuracy and preventing errors that cause customer frustration.

✔ Showcase your promotions in a fun and exciting way to your customers – stand out!

✔ Never miss an opportunity to sell a new plan or feature with SmartCircle by SensorMedia.



✔ Understand exactly what’s happening at the store level through engagement metrics with all devices.

✔ Pivot promotions based on the learnings that come from store metrics.

✔ Knowledge is power, increase sales with better customer data.

If you’re a wireless retailer thinking you might be missing a customer touchpoint, allow us to show you how our product, SmartCircle by SensorMedia can help solve this problem while ensuring you don’t miss any future opportunities with customers.



SensorMedia offers the best in class consulting and support to optimize and digitalize the in-store customer journey.

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