See how Electronic Shelf Labels stack up against SmartCircle Digital Price Tags

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Learn about the benefits of electronic shelf labels (ESL) and SmartCircle Digital Price Tags retail display management SaaS. Decide which is the best solution for your Telco retail store.

In 2022, digital transformation is critical to your businesses success. Consider, by improving the customer experience and enabling better products and services, digital transformation can drive higher customer satisfaction according to a Deloitte study. Finding the right price leads to customer satisfaction.

It’s been reported that 40 percent of consumers feel smart getting the best price deal.


Grocers use Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) systems to display product pricing on shelves.

Product pricing is updated whenever a price is changed under the control of a central server. But it has limitations, such as the type of content you can display. For example, you can’t include critical information customers look for like product features or an informative video of the device in action.

For grocers, Electronic Shelf Labels are a reasonable solution

Given the thousands of SKUs in your average grocer. This isn’t enough for Telco retailers in 2022, when customer experience is top of mind, you need interactive and trackable interactions. You want in-store staff focused on high value tasks versus printing labels and locating devices for price changes.

SmartCircle is not for everyone.

SmartCircle is for retailers who want to display pricing, product features and informative videos using existing display devices.

It’s for retailers who want a robust, cost effective, carbon neutral SaaS. It provides the ability to easily manage multiple display devices across multiple stores, meaning it’s easily scalable. It empowers your existing display devices, such as tablets, smartphones and TVs to become powerful, and trackable digital signage. Considering it’s not the same positioning when you want to price and sell a 40 cent banana, versus a smart device worth hundreds, even thousands of dollars.   

If you are an electronic, wireless, telco or refurbished phone retailer with devices on display, SmartCircle is for you.

You’ve already invested thousands of dollars into your displayed devices. It’s time to enable them to help you sell, gain insights, improve the customer experience and save energy. It’s time to maximize the potential of your investment.


Retailers need to clearly communicate prices and promotions. Whether it’s a competitor, supply chain or inflation the landscape and margin are constantly changing. Being agile is critical. Whether it’s a discounted price, a recently launched device, a buy A and get B for free, a device that gives the most amount of loyalty points, it’s safe to say you must stay competitive daily. 

It’s difficult to make a product standout with an Electronic Shelf Label, how do you highlight a device?

Yes, you can change the price color to red, but is that really going to capture a busy customer’s attention? 

With SmartCircle your existing assets become smarter and more powerful. Allowing you to deliver key communications interactively. Pricing and promotions shown in full color whether static image or video. Video is one of the best ways to engage customers, and deliver information that encourages them to remain brand loyal.


Imagine Jennifer, she is looking to replace her device, she gets into your store and she only sees the Electronic Shelf Label price of the device, but she didn’t notice that there was an incredible promo. You could print and display it on an acrylic, but she may miss it. She walks out of your store and goes directly to your competitor’s store and finds a better deal displayed with digital price tags. She missed that unique opportunity and so did you! 

Your in-store devices have incredible display technology, with SmartCircle you can utilize it. Remember, one missed sale can cost a store over $1,000 in lost revenue, considering the lost device sale and contract or extra services. If you don’t inform your customers about your promotions, how are they going to know? Banners and other printed marketing materials become dated quickly, plus it’s labour intensive to run, consider trying to run A/B testing when you have to manually change signage and you don’t produce data from engagement and interactions. SmartCircle tracks and provides data insights, so you can make smarter business decisions.


Recognizing the benefit of great business decisions is dependent on execution. Equally important is compliance. However, store audits can be costly to ensure consistency and retail compliance. As a specialized retailer you may have several stores, some are owned by you, some may be resellers or franchisees, but what is important is to have brand consistency and operational efficiency.

Trade marketers invest huge amounts of their time, and budget into research and developing strategies. They consider the what, when and how to display the devices and marketing messages. To ensure this is happening, stakeholders require visibility. So, having immediate visibility of what is happening in-store is vital for day-to-day operations and smart business decisions. Visibility shows if the strategy needs to be changed, or if it hasn’t had a chance due to poor execution. SmartCircle provides visibility to planogram, pricing, media and device status. It ensures your strategy is being executed as planned.

Let’s be totally honest, at your store there might be additional items to price, like accessories, cases or other non-live devices. Electronic Shelf Labels work for lower cost items. You might be thinking, this is going to be complicated… I will have to manage different platforms to price different articles…a nightmare! Why can’t there be a solution to manage both? But the good news is that there is. SmartCircle easily integrates with your pricing system. Once you upload it, at the touch of a button it updates your retail store network across the globe.


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Luisa Diaz

Luisa Diaz

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