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SmartCircle™ Cellular Digital Signage a Scalable Digital Price Tag Solution

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The wireless retail environment is constantly evolving. Consumers engage with innovative in store displays that inform and with digital price tags with cellular digital signage. This technology can be used to display pricing and keep it updated across banners with the touch of a button.

customer in wireless retailer looking at a smartphone smiling after finding a great dealInternational telco retailers such as Telefonica use the SmartCircle™ retail display management solution to transform their paper tags to using the SaaS for digital price tags for updates. Allowing them to improve Go-To-Market for new device releases and launch promotional offers the same day they’re decided, saving hours of time versus the manual in-store price changes. Allowing your in-store staff to focus on high-value tasks.

innovative graphic stating 40 percent of consumers feel smart getting best price dealPaper price tags are costly over time, aren’t carbon neutral, and are prone to human errors. Consumers are extremely price conscious and will leave your store for a better deal. 40% of consumers feel smart when they get the best deal. Customers are digitally savvy, and use their cellular devices to compare prices while in-store. Using digital price tag SaaS allows stakeholders to react to variable costs and update pricing across all banners quickly and accurately.

price displayed using dice hand turning a di with arrows, the direction of arrow symbolizing dynamic price updateDigital price tags are carbon neutral which is crucial for a sustainable future. They are auditable remotely, allowing stakeholders to ensure accuracy with visibility without travelling to each store. By using digital price tags, it doesn’t only create a better in-store experience for consumers by eliminating pricing confusion, but it also ensures your best offers are communicated directly to consumers at key decision making times.

hand building best digital pricing concept with wooden blocksConsumers are used to digital experiences, look for consistency across an omnichannel experience and appreciate brand consistency across all channels. With Digital price tags prices can now be updated at the touch of a button, allowing you to keep margins consistent by acting quickly when wholesale prices change, and currencies fluctuate, allowing you to correct revenue leakage.

SmartCircle digital price tag SaaS demonstration with displays being raised displaying deployed prices and promotions on in-store devicesDigitization is advantageous and SensorMedia’s patented SmartCircle™ technology allows you to update pricing across all banners the same day offers are authorized. Our system not only allows you to change pricing remotely but also to disseminate in-store promotional offers across all banners, in a way that’s trackable and allows you to ensure promotions are on track to meet forecast targets.



SensorMedia offers the best in class consulting and support to optimize and digitalize the in-store customer journey.

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