See SmartCircle™ in action at EuroShop 2023 | Hall 05 B05

SensorMedia, an award-winning retail technology company, is proud to announce their attendance at EuroShop 2023, the leading global trade fair for forward-thinking retailing from February 26th to March 2nd, 2023 happening in Dusseldorf, Germany.

As a pioneering Canadian company in the retail display management technology market for close to a decade, SensorMedia has helped to digitize and augment the in-store customer experience for telcos across the globe, including supporting multiple doors for large telecom companies such as Telefonica, Orange, Telia, Tigo-Millicom, Claro-America Moviles, WOM, to mention a few.

Read the full press release and learn more about how SensorMedia can help you improve your in-store customer journey.

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Data Driven Business Insights and Smart Display Management should be carbon-neutral

Improve and secure your telcos' in-store customer journey using SmartCircle™. It empowers you to track, measure, and analyze real-time data insights remotely; Data backed decisions to explore dynamic pricing, update key messaging, increase visibility to check and increase compliance 

Award-Winning Top 20 Retail Technology Company

Easy to use, gain business intelligence from your in-store customer journey, and scale quickly. Increase ROI

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drawn character with retail technology software running on a device and tracking a screen on the right side


Capture data from the customer experience, and quantify in-store interactions with various visually engaging touchpoints. Data is the first step to gaining visibility and making data-backed decisions

retail technology smartcircle map indicating data comes from various devices to a central source


Quantify interactions to identify patterns and trends in customer behavior. Aggregate data from multiple doors, calculate averages, and identify growth oppourtunities

multiple people using retail technology to analyze data to make team decisions remotely


Analyze real-time data to gain business intelligence insights  from in-store interactions, optimize sales channels and deliver value to stakeholders remotely with easily scalable retail SaaS technology that delivers ROI