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How Telecoms can move forward during the COVID age

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It’s 2019 and consumer A, who we’ll refer to as Ezra, needs to upgrade his cell phone. Ezra arrives at the local shopping center and it’s packed, but he’s determined to begin his search and get a new device. Venturing from cell phone kiosks to large cell phone provider shops, he picks up devices to see how they feel, shakes hands with salespeople and learns about promotions by interacting with touch screens. After his research is complete, he selects the best device and plan, walking away with a brand-new phone and several business cards. Mission complete. 

Flash forward to October 2020. After lockdowns earlier in the year due to the global pandemic, most malls were closed for a period of time and so many companies were forced to make some very difficult decisions such as laying off employees. For the majority of these organizations, the pivot to e-commerce became inevitable but the hope of returning to normal remained. The ability to touch and feel a product is the number-one reason customers shop at bricks and mortar stores, and that spans across all generations. This is especially the case when it comes to smartphone sales. 

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With the economy reopening and the world attempting to return to a “new normal” telecommunication companies are faced with a new set of challenges. Before COVID, the ability to hold devices, interact with their screens and test their capabilities (like using the camera) were necessary experiences before purchasing. As with so many things post-lockdown however, we as humans have learnt how to adapt and have figured out what experiences are necessary and what are not. Working out, necessary. Going to the gym, not necessary. 

As we step into the future and what the retail landscape looks like moving forward, new technology and digital solutions come to the foreground in filling the new gaps within the retail environment. Take the telecommunications example. Customers are no longer able to interact with the devices the way they did before, now devices are not in display or the customer has to view devices through a plexiglass shield. Stores have less staff working due to the limited number of people allowed inside. The gap here is less communication about plan and device promotions and lack of interactive elements (like the former experience of Ezra handling the phones) that draw customers in to shop and explore.

Telecommunication companies are still trying to overcome these challenges. How can stores turn these obstacles into opportunities? SmartCircle™ is a software solution created by SensorMedia™ for wireless retailers. It’s been racing to find solutions for telco companies, and may have reached the finish line. SensorMedia’s SmartCircle™ solution is revamping their software for customers to be ahead of the new normal and help them to have an in-store experience that is still exciting, engaging and interactive. Since the beginning of the pandemic, SmartCircle™ has helped Telcos around the world to overcome a wide variety of challenges and convert a problem into a solution. An example of this problem solving is SmartCircle’s face detection feature which shows customers pricing, promotions and key messages on the devices when a person is detected in front of the phone’s screen. With less boots-on-the-ground due to health and safety concerns, accurate and consistent messaging about promotions is a key to success for bricks and mortar locations. 

What’s more is that SmartCircle™ creates planogram compliance, price tag compliance, helps stores overcome inventory challenges digitally and makes auditing a breeze therefore allowing both head office store level employees focus on the more challenging tasks at hand managing bricks and mortar stores in the COVID age. 

SensorMedia™ can help you to create a Digital Store Strategy combining state-of-the-art digital technology and human contact into cutting-edge experiences for customers. Learn more by connecting with our sales team today.



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