Protect devices from unauthorized content on display phones in stores

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Learn how to protect your iOS and Android devices from going viral in-store for the wrong reasons

The best Retail Display Management solutions allow visibility, control and alert notifications. Stakeholders invest time and money to plan engaging on device experiences for consumers. 100% of that timing and planning can be lost if the intended experience isn’t executed properly on in store cellular devices.

SensorMedia logo on the top left below there are two images one with two wireless retail customers in-store shocked and surprised by unauthorized content on smartphone devices and an image from reddit with three memes set as home screens on Telco in-store devices

Many consumers are extremely familiar with smartphones interface which leads some consumers to install unwanted apps, inappropriate images, and videos on in-store demo cellular devices. Finding and correcting these unauthorized installs can be time consuming for in-store staff, taking them away from their core responsibilities in store which is engaging customers, answering questions and most importantly closing sales. By protecting your devices against unauthorized installs not only do you protect yourself from inappropriate content reaching your consumers on the devices but you also ensure store staff isn’t distracted from their primary duties.


two wireless retail customers in-store shocked and surprised by unauthorized content on smartphone devices

Our SensorMedia SmartCircle™ SaaS platform allows you to protect your devices from embarrassing moments and ensure your message and experience is being delivered as intended. It doesn’t only allow you to not only block device settings from consumers tainting the intended experience with unauthorized content, but you can also check the status of devices. Using our solution doesn’t only save your store staff time but it also saves you as a stakeholder money, allowing your Telco retail store to operate more efficiently with increased visibility.


SmartCircle retail display management solution demonstration with devices being raised showing remote deployed messages and promotions on in-store phone displays


Finding and fixing these errors can be costly, equaling hundreds of dollars a month even if staff only spend 30 minutes a day currently on these issues. More importantly a bad experience can cost you a sale, which results in thousands of dollars of revenue lost monthly.

Let’s close the circle, book a demo and see how SmartCircle™ can support your business.


text asking customers leaving inappropriate messages or images on your in-store devices above an image of two customers distraught by what they see on wireless store devices and below an answer secure your devices with SmartCircle







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