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How to Create a User Centric Retail Store through Digital Signage

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An in-depth article around the SmartCircle Suite, its benefits, and using the platform


Digital signage is an effective way to grab the attention of your customers, increase sales and convert browsers into buyers. Research consistently shows that digital adverts are more engaging and eye-catching than traditional posters. Forbes reported, 80% of brands experience up to 33% increase in sales after they make the switch to digital signage, and digital signage captures 400% more views than print or static advertising. But what makes digital ads so engaging?


In fact, a FedEx survey found over 76% of Americans would enter a store they’ve never visited before based only on the appeal of its signs. Recently, Forbes reported , 54% of consumers state that they aren't satisfied with the customer experience of most companies. Digital signage grabs your customers’ attention and elicits an emotional response. The human brain is wired in such a way that moving objects immediately attract its attention so it’s no surprise that bringing in-store signage to life results in a dramatic increase in sales.


 We are in a world of digital signage and SmartCircle is the next step in this evolution. Cell phone and tablet displays are incredible display devices using the latest technology to display graphics at increased frame rates. Telco operators spend thousands of dollars on devices yet many don't realize their full potential. SmartCircle retail SaaS turns display devices into powerful, trackable digital signage. SmartCircle allows you to display promotions, prices and secure devices remotely from anywhere in the world.



Our system is built on three main pillars:

  1. Display a variety of dynamic content on your phones, tablets and tv screens

  2. Use our robust easy to use platform to create your own content easily and distribute to select stores globally

  3. Track customer engagement and device status with real-time analytics


Digital signage bests print advertising: it can be seamlessly updated with new content at the press of a button. Print posters cannot compete with digital signage’s flexibility and need to be put up and taken down.


SmartCircle offers integrated digital signage solutions designed to get your brand’s message across.



Our interactive digital displays deliver real-time information you can trust to your audiences in a way that print posters simply can’t match. With updates at the press of a button, it’ll always be fresh and in sync with your marketing message. We make it easy to keep track of your content with the powerful Content Editor — from scheduling promotions to managing prices  — you’ll have everything under your control. Our technology can also help you set up dynamic and non-intrusive displays, streamline your workflows, effectively manage multiple locations, with messaging tailored to every screen in any store.


You may be thinking, “Print posters and paper price tags work for me, why should I switch?” Given the importance of in-store experiences, being mindful of the environment and carbon impact of business practices.

Due to the increase in online and brick and mortar competition, digital signage is critical for many compelling reasons, many listed above. It’s clear that print posters and paper price tags simply no longer cut it. It's time consuming and human errors can be costly to identify and fix. To be a leader and stay ahead of the curve in today’s world of Telco marketing and advertising, not to mention an immersive and engaging customer experience, it’s time to switch to SmartCircle. Book a demo today  to see how it can help your retail space be more user centric.



SensorMedia offers the best in class consulting and support to optimize and digitalize the in-store customer journey.

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