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How to boost your in-store sales during peak selling periods - Hello Holidays!

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Now, more than ever before retailers across the globe will be trying to double-down on their in-store sales this holiday season. As a bricks and mortar store in 2021, you don’t want to miss a single opportunity to increase your sales.


Here are ways to plan your holiday strategy so you don’t get left behind:

1). Get personal with your email list. 

Depending on the software you use for newsletters, now is the time to leverage the information you have about your customers to gain some attention. Addressing your customers by their first name, recognizing how long they’ve been a customer at the top of your email or any other personal shout out can go a long way in building a relationship and staying top-of-mind.

What can you offer your current customers that are either already loyalty members and/or within a high-spending segment of your business? Showing these customers some love via personal emails, offers and information will make them feel special.

2). Use in-store promotions to grab customers attention. 

Many shoppers in today’s world make informed decisions when they purchase, however it’s easy for your product or service to get lost in the mix. Stand out from the crowd! You can attract more customers by having promotions displayed digitally in-store. The movement on the screen will catch their attention and help them make their decision (knowingly or unknowingly) you’re helping solve a problem.


3). Level-up your sales strategy

We’re talking about cross selling. Don’t miss an opportunity to turn a $200 sale into a $400 sale in-store by providing add ons of other products. This time of the year try to hone in on the theme of gifting. Customer “A” might be shopping for a new smartphone for him/herself but when they find out they can get grandpa a tablet for Christmas at 50% off if they buy their device today, score! They’ve knocked someone off their shopping list and purchased the item they were looking for.

4). Put your best foot forward.

Decide which of your products are going to give you the greatest return and/or will sell at the highest frequency (volume). Feature these products on digital signage displays positioned in the strategically in store. Research has shown that sales on items advertised on digital signage displays can increase over 33% per cent than traditional advertising. Another way to set yourself up for success is by serving gift ideas to customers on a digital platter.

By sharing gifting ideas with your customers via digital promotions, you’re providing a solution to a problem while boosting your bottom line. It’s a win, win! You could even marry this idea with a cross-promotion and then, you’ve really captured their attention!

5). Connect with how your customers are feeling. 

Now more than ever we are looking for emotional connections. Connect with your customers by telling your brand story. Who is the person or people behind the brand, your brand values, what sets your brand apart from the competition? Don’t be afraid to get personal and be authentic. Create a video that can relate and connect with your customers (tip: use music that connects)!

For wireless retailers especially, many of the above tips can be easily executed using SmartCircle by SensorMedia. SmartCircle allows you to create and distribute key messaging, promotions and more across digital screens such as smartphones and tablets in your store. What’s more, is that the tool offers analytics and reporting functionality to help you better understand what’s happening at the ground level, and most importantly, better know who your customers are.

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