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Best way to ensure planogram and pricing compliance in-store?

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In-store compliance. You can’t fix what you can’t see!

The customer journey needs to flow effortlessly. Each store in the banner has to be able to meet the same customer expectation to the same exacting standard every time. In other words, in-store compliance.

Ensuring pricing or planogram compliance can be a costly manual tasks. 

And multiple banners will multiply that expense. Pricing errors don’t only affect your margins but can drive consumers away from your store.  Traditionally brands and retailers need eyes on the ground to get timely visibility into what’s really happening in stores and get answers to their brick-and-mortar questions quickly, accurately, and at scale.

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An audit allows the head office to guarantee company standards, programs and policies are deployed accurately, on time, and in every store.

Enlisting an auditor to go in-store and manually audit and ensure compliance can cost over $400 per store! In addition, costs will multiply when you factor in multiple location.  From trade marketers, field merchandisers to contracted market research firms, or even employing mystery shoppers to get store data. Managing all that is time consuming and costly. Moreover, can’t be accessed daily in real time.

Online in-store audits. Welcome to the digitalization! 

There are many benefits to the visibility digital audits provide. They serve as a tool to ensure you’re complying with pre-established agreements on product placement, pricing, and promotion.

By analyzing in-store data, business owners and managers can prove what works and what doesn’t, empowering more informed decisions and adjustments to their retail strategy creating an engaging customer experience.

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For Telcos, it’s not only important to ensure meeting brand standards.

Additionally to the brand standards, devices displaying critical content must be charging and operational. Inoperational devices aren’t compliant and they impact the customer experience negatively.

When customers are unable to interact with devices and miss key messaging, it can hurt store sales. For instance, one missed sale can cost a store over $1000 in lost revenue, considering the lost device sale and contract. Disappointing a customer in one location can lead them to abandon the banner altogether.

Beyond attracting loyal customers, a brand committed to excellent in-store execution is a brand that attracts potential franchisees.

Potential franchisees are attracted to invest in operationally strong, well-run brand, over one perceived to be deficient or inconsistent. Store audits aren’t only crucial to an engaging and profitable customer experience but must importantly to growth overall.

SmartCircle™ provides visibility to device planogram compliance plus, it also allows partners to deploy communications across banners with the click of a button including same-day promotions. Our powerful SaaS monitors devices in-store alerting stakeholders to low battery while protecting settings. SmartCircle makes your business more agile to react to insights. Digital Price Tags update pricing across banners with a click ensuring pricing compliance.

Let’s close the circle, book a demo to see how easy it is to use a carbon neutral solution to maintain visibility allowing for peak performance.

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SensorMedia offers the best in class consulting and support to optimize and digitalize the in-store customer journey.

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